Morgan Ritter
Artist & Poet
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→ {Upcoming} Exhibition with Dana Dart-McLean and Johanna Jackson, Et Al, San Francisco.
→ {Upcoming} Solo exhibition at Veronica, Seattle.
→ Poem. In APbPLaESr, New York.
→ Dreams

→ Poem. Yin-yang Non-Fotography in Projects for the Page at Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland.
→ Poem. 2013–2017, iSn't She
→ Poem. Reading at Susan Cianciolo's RUN PRAYER, RUN CAFÉ, RUN LIBRARY, Bridget Donahue Gallery, New York.
→ Book. Meta Touch Town at Picture Room's Multiples Sale, New York.
→ Art Fair. Out of Sight 2017, Seattle.
→ Poem/ Exh. Mp3 in HER EYES ARE LIKE DOVES BESIDE STREAMS OF WATER at Adams and Ollman, Portland.
→ Nominated for The Henry Art Gallery's Brink Award.
→ Poem. Readings at Susan Cianciolo's Run Restaurant Untitled at The Whitney Biennial, New York.
→ Dreams

→ Exh. Group Show at Washington State Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Center, Seattle.
→ Nominated for the Joan Mitchell Foundation's Emerging Artist Grant.
→ Exh. 3rd Annual Window Exhibition: uo!ʇɐu!ƃɐɯ! ɟo pןɹoʍ s’uǝɹpן!ɥɔ ǝɥʇ ɹoɟ s! ǝʇɐǝɹɔ noʎ ƃu!ɥʇʎɹǝʌe, Sunlan Lighting, Portland.
→ Exh. Part 1: Progenitor Cat Houses at The Middler, New York.
→ Poetry Performance at Artists Space, New York.
→ Awarded a Foundation for Contemporary Art Emergency Grant
→ Exh. Holding a Cup on a Boar with Lisa Radon, RONGWRONG, Amsterdam.
→ Poem. Reading at Shanaynay, Paris.
→ Grant awarded from Regional Arts and Culture Council.
→ Denim Premonition, Apres Upfor (Window Video), Upfor Contemporary, Portland.
→ Dreams

→ Exh. 2015, COMMONPLACE, with Karl Larsson, Portland Institute of Contemporary Art, Portland.
→ Exh. 2014, Becoming Versatile Smok, with Steve Brown and Jessica Hickey, Ditch Projects, Springfield.
→ Exh. 2012, Understanding Witches Now, Portland Institute of Contemporary Art, Portland.
→ Dreams

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A man makes eye contact with me and I can see him inhale. He bends his leg on a tree trunk, the very tree that I did tricks on with Caley. What is he doing?

— Mogritte (@Mogritte) February 10, 2018

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Lilac sits with a sculpture.