Morgan Ritter
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                                          I                                      AM                                      SOMEHOW                                      BEHIND                                      AWINDOW,                                      YETNOT                                      CONFINED.


                       SELECTED PROJECTS

    NEW PAGE → 2016 uo!ʇɐu!ƃɐɯ! ɟo pןɹoʍ s’uǝɹpן!ɥɔ ǝɥʇ ɹoɟ s! ǝʇɐǝɹɔ noʎ ƃu!ɥʇʎɹǝʌe
                       2016 Group Show at Washington State Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Center
                       2016 Part 1: Progenitor Cat Houses
    NEW PAGE → 2016 Holding a Cup on a Boar
                       2015 COMMONPLACE
                       2014 Becoming Versatile Smok
                       2012 Understanding Witches Now
    NEW PAGE → Poems (Ongoing)
                       Drawings (Ongoing)

                       Fecund iSn't She iSn't She Fecund

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    lucky link

    Lilac sits with a sculpture.

    → Nominated for the Joan Mitchell Foundation's Emerging Artist Grant.
    → November. 3rd Annual Window Exhibition at Sunlan Lighting, Portland.
    → August. Progenitor Cat Houses at The Middler, New York.
    → July. Poetry Performance at Artists Space, New York.
    → June. Awarded a Foundation for Contemporary Art Emergency Grant
    → May-June. Exhibition with Lisa Radon, RONGWRONG, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    → June. Poetry Reading at Shanaynay, Paris, France
    → July. Making slippers for Linda Austin's Dance Troupe, Unmade
    → Spring. Regional Arts and Culture Council Project Grant awarded for upcoming exhibition
    → April. Denim Premonition, Apres Upfor (Window Video), Upfor Contemporary, Portland.

    → Collaboration with Susan Cianciolo
    → Tapestry Collaboration with Dana Dart-McLean
    → Mysterious

    → UPCOMING. C, Zine by McIntyre Parker + Josh Minkus
    → UPCOMING. 1sn't She, is to be published by Ambient Works, a publication project by Kaela Noel in New York !
    → 2014. 1sn't She, Digital manuscript (Version 1) softly released at the LUMA Foundation in the Poetry Will Be Made By All! exhibition organized by 89plus/ Ubuweb
    → 2013. Yin-Yang Non-Fotography, This is a web-released pdf, 52pp, (previously released via the Serpentine Gallery's 89plus Clubhouse)
    → 2012-2013. who is in charge, 8.5" x 11" staple-bound, 41pp
    → 2012. The Thoughtful Digestion of Unique Objects, Complex Subjects & Composited Projects, published with Publication Studio, 4.75" x 7", 95pp

    video link

    Works at YALE UNION, an artist-run non-profit contemporary art center in Portland, Oregon.